Student Placement

One of the primary reasons on why MyUniConnect was established was to help students in deciding their education pathway. How?

 1. Offering free consultation to students via Match Profiling

Students are often confused on which course are suitable for them. They are overwhelm with the wide range of courses available in the field. This is when MyUniConnect steps in as a guide. Our team of experienced counselors will use the step by step guide by counselling students as a start to understand their needs and interest. Then matching those interest into the course that is suitable for them.

  2. Hassle free enrollment process 

Again, getting into a university is no piece of cake especially when you are planning to get into an international one. MyUniConnect will be there with you at every step from consultation to the moment you step into your your dream university. Leave your worries on visa application and even your English test undertakings to us as we will take care of the necessary arrangements for you! 

  3. Additional support & services

Whatever additional help that will be needed for the perspective students and their parents, MyUniConnect will always lend a helping hand. That includes overseas  accommodation arrangements, pre-departure  briefing among others.

Ps Ps, did we mention? That all the services are free of charge?