Graduate Upskilling

The Need of Graduate Upskilling and How MyUniConnect Can Help

                The pandemic was something that no one saw it coming. In a blink of an eye, people can’t believe that their lives that was once perceived as “normal” is no longer normal anymore. The word normal had to be redefined and the worst of all, people lost their jobs due to an unseen force; Covid 19.

                Covid 19 has changed the world drastically and the need of graduate upskilling has become more prominent as it enhances the employability of fellow job applicants. With the help of upskilling programs, people will no longer be rigid to one particular job scope and they can be a helping hand in other areas that they may not be familiar with before.

                MyUniConnect can be a help for those who needs an upskilling program for to enhance their skillsets. We have multiple upskilling programs to choose from ranging from Digital Marketing, Project Management, IT and many more. If there is a particular course that you are looking for, feel free to get in touch with one of MyUniConnect’s personnel and we shall make the necessary arrangements for you.

                These programs are conducted by experts and well experienced trainers who will definitely go all out to make sure that your learning process is a smooth one. Fees or each program can be vary and it is customizable in accordance to your needs and budget. These programs are suitable for graduates and working groups of people alike as these programs can serve as a stepping stone to learning something new or to brush up existing knowledge of employees.

                So what are you waiting for?  Get in touch with one of our personnel and see how we can help you in your upskilling journey.

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