Study in UK

Do you know that the great United Kingdom is known for its prestigious quality for education? It is often featured in the statistics of The Times’ Higher Education Rankings and the QS World Rankings.  Here is listing down some of the interesting facts about studying in the UK.

Diversity in Culture

It is a friendly and tolerant place rich with diverse cultures.  You are sure to be able to gel well with other international students who have mostly chose to study in the UK.

Opportunities to Work

The UK student visa permits you to work for up to 20 hours per week, thus giving you the opportunity to earn some much needed funds to help with your study and living costs.

A Historic Land

Ever wondered the great history behind princess Diana? The great Big Ben? The famous red telephone booth? United Kingdom is filled with these historic tales and it is all yours to explore at your time of studying in the UK.

Cheapest of the Big 3 Destinations

United Kingdom is one the cheapest country to study in. With MyUniConnect’s special tie up with some of the universities in UK that offers reduced tuition fees, it is definitely worth studying in this country.

Free Healthcare for the Duration of Your Study

For as long as you are studying in the UK and even if you are not an EU student and if your study duration is more than 6 months, you are entitled for a NHS (National Health Service) healthcare coverage.