Welcome to MyUniConnect

Before we start off with the typical formal introduction about ourselves, let us tell tell you a fun fact. Do you know that you can enroll yourself into an international university with your SPM results?

You heard that right! MyUniConnect is your one stop hub for all your education needs. Established in the year 2015, MyUniConnect aims to produce high quality graduates from top international universities with a reduced tuition fee. With a tie up with of some of the top universities, calling all SPM leavers out there to walk in and have quick chat with us. 

We provide free consultation for students to guide them to pave the right education pathway for them. In addition to that we offer a step by step guide for students starting from counselling session right up to the enrollment process, MyUniConnect will be there with you at every step. We are also able to assist in affordable accommodation to our prospective students.

MyUniConnect has also collaborated with Pearson and become a successful authorized test center. In short,  MyUniConnect as an authorized Pearson Test Centre delivers tests for both the Professional and IT markets provide testing services for Health & Medicine, Information Technology, Academic/Admissions, Transport, Employment & Human Resources and Financial Services clients.

This one stop hub is also in a midst of establishing a language center. We provide communicative language training to bridge the communication gap between our students and their study or work requirements, which enables them to focus on sharpening and acquiring knowledge or other skills, supporting their career goals and making progress.

We have a lot more in store, care to explore?