Foreign Universities in Malaysia

Many of us out there have often dreamt of studying at a renowned university abroad, be it the UK, Australia or other destinations. However, there are numerous constraints we face, some financial whereas some with other commitments that stop us from leaving home to pursue our education; undergraduate or post graduate studies from our dream destination. With numerous foreign universities now having their campus across Malaysia, your dream of pursuing a foreign degree is closer to you than you think it is.

Foreign university branch campuses or FUBCs as the term suggests are branch campuses of foreign universities in Malaysia. There are currently 10 FUBC’s in Malaysia that originate from countries like UK, Australia, China and Ireland. These FUBC’s offer a range of Foundation, Diploma and Degree programs in various disciplines providing you with access to specialised opportunities, including custom-built facilities as well field-specific academic and employment opportunities with prestigious organisations in your industry.

All this as you pay significantly lower tuition fees compared to studying abroad and you would also enjoy a much lower cost of living compared to living in the UK or Australia, some of you might even be at the comfort of your own home depending on the location of the FUBC.

Needless to say, that you will be awarded the same qualification as students studying in the host campus.

You may not be totally convinced with what you have read so far, however I am sure that it does raise curiosity and more questions with it. What’s the actual cost?  What are the entry requirements? Internship prospects? Employment Opportunities? Well.. we have the answers for you to help you make an informed decision.

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