SPM trial results, your alternative pathway to a UK degree!

Yes, you have read that right!!

MyUniConnect have already assisted several fellow SPM students to pursue a UK based degree using their SPM results so that they can save their time and cost. With the recent UK government ruling of allowing students to stay on in the UK for up to 2 years upon graduation, further widen their career prospects to work in the UK with the prospective UK & multi-national organisations.

Now, with our hand in hand collaboration with a university (and likely be extended to other Universities) in the United Kingdom, they have even agreed to accept students who have achieved stellar results in their SPM trial results. This means that student do not have to wait for the usual September intake of the following year after obtaining their results (after being idling for about 10 months after SPM exams). Students can now make use of their recently value-added SPM trial results and embark on an undergraduate degree in the UK for January intake (about 3 months after SPM exams), even prior to the official SPM results in March. Head over to MyUniConnect or simply log on to www.myuniconnect.com and see for yourself on how we can help you in your UK education pathway.

Are you still harboring the dream to study in the UK and are not sure how to begin with? Worry not, as MyUniConnect is here to help you at every step. From guiding you to the right course and choosing the right international university, to help you prepare for your IELTS, to help with the travel and accommodation, be rest assured that MyUniConnect is with you all the way.  

MyUniConnect, your one stop hub for all your education needs .