Discover A Unique & Cost Effective UK & Malaysia MBBS Program

UK & Malaysia MBBS Program: Study in Two Countries at One Price

Studying medicine can be all fun and exciting as it embarks you on a journey to become a doctor. However a typical medicine program can cost a bomb especially if you choose to pursue it internationally for a full 5 year program.

Don’t worry as MyUniConnect has come up with a cost-effective solution for those who wish to pursue their MBBS degree abroad. We are associated with

Its unique blend of medicine study whereby a student is able to experience the best of both worlds at a single cost. This 5-year MBBS program allows students to spend 2 ½ years in the UK for their pre-clinical and the remaining 2 ½ years in Malaysia for their clinical years. Additionally, students will have to choose where they would love to do their housemanship either in Malaysia or in the UK after completing their studies.

What is even more interesting is that students who wish to embark on their medical journey with this institution can be exempted from the necessary UK-GMC-PLAB (Professional and Linguistic Assessment board exam.

If you choose to pursue your degree in UK, you are in for a later waiting time to enrol as you have to first apply via UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) only a year after that you will be able commerce your studies.  While this particular university offers direct entry for September in the same year via your A-Levels.

Did we also mention that you might be eligible for a 15% scholarship of the overall medicine program?

With all the possibilities of embarking your dream medical course at a cheaper cost, why are you still hesitating to send us a mail with all your latest academic qualifications and see how we can help you further?

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