Six months foundation program leading to a UK degree!

If you are looking at which would be the shortest pathway to pursue a medical degree, your search is over. As based on some of the universities that we have tied up with, they have come up with several foundation courses relating to health sciences that would only take up six months of your time and then you can be on the journey to a UK degree.

Not only these foundation courses help you save your time, but it also saves your money, without having to pay for A-Levels in Malaysia.

By using your SPM trial results, you would only need to complete a 6 months foundation course in the UK, followed by a UK degree in September of the same year. Sounds awesome? You bet it is!

The Health Sciences related courses such as Dietetics, Physiotherapy, Radiography and OT are the top five ranking course in the UK. These short foundation courses will commerce in January 2020.

So, what are you waiting for, the clock is ticking, head over to MyUniConnect at your earliest convenience and consult us to see how we can help you in pursuing your UK degree.