From IGCSE to a UK Degree!

Do you know that it is possible for you to obtain a UK degree using your IGCSE results? With MyUniConnect’s special tie up with some of the UK universities, we are now calling all potential IGCSE students to consult us and see how we can help you enroll into a UK university by making use of your IGCSE results.

This is MyUniConnect’s collaborative effort with the universities in the UK to help students to earn a UK degree with a direct entry using their IGCSE results whilst saving time and money in the process. Students do not need to go through the hassle of undergoing a foundation or an A-level program.  They can fully make use of their newly value-added IGCSE results to study in one of the universities in the UK at an affordable cost.  So instead of the typical 5.5 to 6-year pathway to degree, students will be able to graduate with a UK degree within 4 years.

As a Tier-4 student visa holder, international students can gain part-time employment up to 20 hours a week within the University and other outside establishments. In addition to this, through MyUniConnect’s university tie-up, a special one year full-time salaried industrial placement awaits outstanding students for their third-year degree program. The placement is arranged by University with top employers and companies within the UK. No university class attendance is required but students will be assessed by the employers and will be only given additional short university assignments / assessments. This will give a much precious hands-on job experience, enhance their communication skills and work talent while pursuing their studies.  With the earned income, students will be able to set aside funds to finance their final fourth year studies.

Additionally, the UK government is now hungry for international talent which is why they have recently announced that those who pursue their tertiary studies in the UK, will have a chance to work in the UK companies for up to 2 years upon graduation. Not only you will be able to pursue your degree at an affordable price and save your time, you can also get an exposure of an international working environment.

Head over to MyUniConnect, meet our consultants and see how we can help you in your overseas university placement. We do not charge a single fee to our prospective students or parents on our consultation charges. In fact, we will assist you throughout the enrollment process, your visa and accommodation arrangements. To know more, click on

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